Living in the sky

Work, relax and live. Your expectations of housing in the City of a Hundred Spires – Prague – are about to be fulfilled in the sought-after Libeň district, a place that joins together an active life with plenty of greenery. A modern, above-standard housing, comprising of twenty-four representative flats is situated in close proximity of two parks. You can enjoy being in close touch with nature in the Pod Korábem and Thomayer parks. This peaceful part of Prague also offers you, aside from nature, an excellent public transport and all the required civic amenities, including schools and kindergartens within walking distance – all this provides a comfortable life you would expect from the twenty-first century. The new building is placed in the vicinity of the current object after a complete reconstruction, including installation of brand-new outdoor lifts. Functionality, quality and style – words that take real form in each of the twenty-four flats. An above-standard furnishings, including large windows and tiles, fine wooden floors, SDK under-views and rooftop terraces and generous loggias, await you. Never before was it easier to live in the busiest city of Czechia, in flats that can turn your dreams to reality.

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One-bedroom apartment with roof terrace

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Two-bedroom Apartment with impressive view


ID Floor Disposition Size Terrace Price Detail
310.16.A 6. NP 3 + KK 72.8 5.8 Sold Detail
310.18.A 7. NP 3 + KK 77.6 71.6 Sold Detail
346.18.D 6. NP 2 + KK 54.3 4.8 Sold Detail
346.20.D 7. NP 1 + KK 39.8 51.4 Sold Detail
346.21.D 7. NP 2 + KK 58.8 52.8 Sold Detail
343.19.C 7. NP 2 + KK 59.8 32.6 Sold Detail
346.16.D 6. NP 3 + KK 84.6 - Sold Detail
339.19.B 7. NP 1 + KK 39.1 44 Sold Detail
339.17.B 6. NP 2 + KK 54.7 4.8 Sold Detail
343.15.C 6. NP 2 + KK 55 4.6 Sold Detail
339.15.B 6. NP 2 + KK 55.2 4.6 Sold Detail
343.17.C 6. NP 2 + KK 55.1 4.8 Sold Detail
343.16.C 6. NP 2 + KK 56.4 4.6 Sold Detail
339.16.B 6. NP 2 + KK 56.6 4.6 Sold Detail
339.18.B 7. NP 2 + KK 58.5 69.7 Sold Detail
343.18.C 7. NP 2 + KK 58.5 69.9 Sold Detail
310.15.A 6. NP 3 + KK 77.4 4.6 Sold Detail
343.20.C 7. NP 2 + KK 59.3 69.9 Sold Detail
339.20.B 7. NP 3 + KK 80.3 58.5 Sold Detail
346.19.D 7. NP 3 + KK 80.4 58.7 Sold Detail
310.17.A 7. NP 3 + KK 80.6 71.6 Sold Detail
346.17.D 6. NP 1 + KK 35.2 4.6 Sold Detail


How is it like to live with your head among the clouds? The answer to this question lies in the attractive new housing in the sought-after Libeň district. It will enable you to combine the hectic work life with the calmness of nature. In the flat’s vicinity, two well-kept parks are located, you can also clear your head from everyday worries in the Pod Korábem Park and by relaxing in the enchanting Thomayer Park. This close contact with nature is not the only thing to be excited about in Prague. You can rely on all the necessary civic amenities, including schools and kindergartens and an excellent public transport.


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